Branch End Play Area.

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Branch End Play Area is the larger of the two play areas which are maintained by the Parish Council. It is owned by the Council and is located on the north of the A695 at Branch End. The play area was constructed in two main phases between 2006 and 2008 as a result of the efforts of a group of local residents with support from the Council. Pictured above are members of the group, including Diane Hinchcliffe, Ros Craigen, Anne Davison, Charlotte Sumner and Barbara Revill, with some of the play area’s users.

Since then the Council has added a number of pieces of equipment, including some adult fitness equipment, and a wheelchair accessible picnic table. The Council makes weekly checks of the equipment and land. If you see any issues that you think need to be addressed, please contact the Clerk – telephone and email contact details can be found here.

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Kate's Plain

Kate's Plain

There are two play areas in Stocksfield, the second one is Kate's Plain.

Kate's Plain can be found behind Brumwell Court, near the station, but access is from the Main Road or from the Guessburn.

Walk down the Guessburn and you will see the signpost to the left, next to the gardens not long after passing the Methodist Church. Take the path and cross the bridge and you are in Kate's Plain.

Alternatively you can now get to the the play area via the new footpath on the westside of Stocksfield Burn. Walk towards Brumwell Court from the Post Office, and take the new footpath just before the footbridge, you will again come to the footbridge over the burn by the Kate's Plain entrance.

Kate's Plain, unlike the Branch End Play Area, is flat so suitable for younger children, however the grass can be quite soft underfoot if it's wet. You will find a toddlers play area, a teen shelter, football pitch and seating area. Because of its remote location, you can often have the play area to yourself, although it is popular on Summer evenings, particularly at weekends.

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