Community messaging

The local neighbourhood policing team operate a community messaging system that provides information about recent crime and specific crime reduction advice. Messages are sent by email. If you want to receive them you can download the form and forward it to the neighbourhood policing team by email or by post. The email address is on the form. (The form is an editable pdf which you can edit online and then print/save/email.)


Litter thrown from vehicles

People who throw litter from their cars on to our roadsides and verges create a mess for someone else to clear up and a potential hazard to wildlife. Throwing litter, including cigarette ends, is an offence, and you can now report incidents to the Enforcement Officers of the County Council’s Neighbourhood Services by using the online system. This could ultimately result in the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice to the offender.

If you see someone throwing litter from a car or other vehicle, please try to remember as many details as possible, including the date, time and location; the make, colour and registration number of the vehicle; a description of the offender; and the type of litter involved. You can then transfer this information to the reporting form using this link. Note that the webpage from the link is entitled 'Request litter removal' but it is the correct form to use. You can also report the incident to the County Council's contact centre on 0345 600 6400. One of the County Council’s Environment Enforcement Officers will pick up the information but you will need to provide a witness statement before any action is taken against the offender. Dashcam footage can also be used.

Extraction of Sand and Gravel in Stocksfield

Northumberland County Council has granted planning permission for the extraction of sand and gravel at Merryshields Quarry, Stocksfield and for the deposit of mineral waste until February 2042. The original permission was granted in 1948, and has been extended a number of times.

The existing permission carries with it a range of conditions which any operator of the quarry must meet. Those conditions can be found in the Notice of Planning Permission. Additionally the permission and associated plans can be accessed on the County Council's website by clicking here.

Thompsons of Prudhoe are in the process of purchasing land which includes Merryshields Quarry. The company has recently circulated a leaflet in the village which sets out their position and views. It also asks for views of residents about the proposals to reinstate the land once quarrying is complete. The leaflet can be found by clicking here.

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