Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 5 June 2023

at Stocksfield Community Centre


Present:         Mr J Harrison (Chair), Mr T Hills, Mr C Liddle, Mrs K Pollock, Miss A Brooks, Mrs A Dale

Ms L Guthrie (Clerk to the Council).


Apologies:     Mr M Parker, Professor P Vickers

Mr Harrison opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed those present to the meeting.


23/6/87 Apologies for absence

It was AGREED to authorise the absence of Mr Parker and Professor Vickers.


23/6/88 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


23/6/89 Public Participation

Station car park

Mr Hills noted there have been instances of people playing football in the station car park which is private property. It was AGREED that Mrs Dale will alert the relevant authorities. Action: Mrs Dale

Sports Field User Group

It was AGREED that a meeting of the Sports Field User group be convened by the Chair.

Action: Chair

Signage in village

Mr Hills noted some new signage has been put up on telegraph poles in the village. Mrs Dale AGREED to raise this with the County Council as owners of the telegraph poles.

Action: Mrs Dale


23/6/90 County Councillor update

Mrs Dale provided her report and gave an update on the Factco broadband rollout. Members noted the report. Mr Hills raised a query about overgrown hedges, Mrs Dale AGREED to look into this further.                                                                                             Action: Mrs Dale


23/6/91 Minutes of the meeting held on 3 April 2023

It was AGREED (proposed Miss Brooks, seconded Mr Hills) that the previously circulated minutes of the meeting held on 15 May 2023 were a true and accurate record.


23/6/92 Matters Arising

The Clerk provided an update on the grant provided to the Stocksfield Climate Change Group (SCCG). It was AGREED that Mrs Dale will seek further clarification from SCCG. Action: Mrs Dale


23/6/93 Review of Council’s policies

After discussion it was AGREED to make no changes to the Council’s Standing Orders, Members’ Code of Conduct and Financial Regulations.                              Action: Clerk DISCH


23/6/94 Finance

a) Approval of May 2023 payments

It was AGREED to approve the payments for May 2023 as detailed in the previously circulated schedule and the summary of receipts and payments for the month was noted.


b) Report of the internal auditor

Members received the report of the internal auditor which was included within page three of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2022/23 and, after discussion, it was AGREED that no further action was necessary.

c) Annual governance statement 2022/23

Members examined page four of the AGAR which had been previously circulated. It was AGREED to approve the annual governance statement 2022/23.


d) Accounting statements 2022/23

The Chair drew members’ attention to page five of the AGAR and it was AGREED to approve the accounting statements 2022/23.


e) Explanation of significant variances 2022/23

It was AGREED to approve the explanation of significant variances 2022/23.


23/6/95 Planning Advisory Group

Members noted the planning report and noted use of delegated authority as outlined below:








Parish Council recommendation – (see Planning Report for details if applicable)

NCC Decision/Date

Copies of the Planning Decisions can be found on NCC website


The Limes, 9 Cade Hill Road



Converting and extending attached outbuildings into a downstairs bedroom, shower and toilet room and utility room, and redesigning the inside of the kitchen and taking out one internal wall.

No comment

Note use of delegated powers



35 Birkdene

TPO relating to overhanging branch of T7 Hazel tree and reduction of crown of oak trees T4, T5 and T6. Amendment to previous application with T7 now correctly identified.

No comment

Note use of delegated powers



The Whinns, 3 Apperley Road

Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with a 2-storey 5 bedroom home with associated landscaping and infrastructure.

No comment

Note use of delegated powers


23/6/96 Parish Council Representatives

Mrs Dale reported on the meeting of Town and Parish Councils held by Northumberland County Council on 4 May 2023 which had been attended by Mrs Dale and the Clerk.


23/6/97 NE43 News delivery The Clerk had circulated a report in advance which Members noted.   

                                                                                                                  Action: Clerk

23/6/98 Stocksfield Festival

Risk assessment documents related to the festival were shared in advance which Members noted.


23/6/99 Branch End Play Area

The Clerk had circulated a report in advance which Members noted.


23/6/100 Any other business

Highfield Energy Park Planning Application

The Clerk noted that the planning application has now been submitted and we await receipt of the planning consultation notice from the County Council. It was AGREED that Mrs Dale will liaise with the planning officer to seek further information.                             Action:  Mrs Dale


Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership

Mr Liddle noted that TVCRP will advertise events in local communities that are accessible by rail, it was AGREED that the Clerk will look into whether Stocksfield Festival and Stocksfield Beer Festival could benefit from this.                                                            Action - Clerk


23/6/101 Date of next meeting

Monday 3 July 2023


The Chair thanked members for attending and closed the meeting at 8.36pm.